FADO (2016)

101 min. | fiction | stickup filmproduktion & dffb, primeira idade, rbb, atara film

Young doctor Fabian travels to Lisbon to win back his ex-girlfriend Doro. While the two of them are gradually getting closer again they are being haunted by their fears. Fabians jealously once again puts their relationship to the test…

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When young doctor, FABIAN (33), sees an uncanny resemblance in the face of one of his dying patients, he snaps out of his rut. On a whim, he leaves Berlin and travels to Lisbon, where his ex-girlfriend, DORO (31) works as an architect. Doro is surprised by his sudden appearance in town and doesn’t know to handle the situation. The two of them had a very intimate, but also painful relationship.

Fabian fights for Doro. He wants to show her that he has learned from his mistakes and is serious about getting her back. He finds an apartment in Lisbon, starts taking Portuguese lessons and even quits his job in Berlin so he can start a new life with her. Fabian seems to enjoy life as he never had before and unlike in the past, is even able to keep his jealousy under control. Doro falls in love with Fabian all over again.

However, after their first night back together, Fabian’s fears and anxieties return to the forefront?. Fabian feels threatened by Doro’s close relationship with her charismatic colleague, FRANCISCO (36). Fabian attempts to suppress his ever-growing jealousy, but fails to hide it from Doro and eventually returns to his old ways. In fear of being hurt by Fabian again, she gradually drifts away from him.

During a trip to the Atlantic coast, the tension between Doro and Fabian escalates from wild suspicions to actual threats. The couple is driven apart as a result. When Fabian finally realizes that he must let go to conquer his fears, he makes a discovery that launches him into a full-blown nightmare.


„Mit FADO legt Jonas Rothlaender ein eindrückliches Spielfilmdebüt vor – und hat den Schauspieler der Stunde gleich mit dabei.“

„Rothlaender hält sich fern von schnellen Schuldzuweisungen und Stalking-Klischees, seine Hauptfigur ist ausdifferenziert, gleichermaßen verletzlich und besessen, das leidenschaftliche Thema besonnen inszeniert. Beim diesjährigen Max-Ophüls-Festival für den Filmnachwuchs gewann er damit den Regie-Preis.“
ZEIT ONLINE, Kaspar Heinrich

„Von der Eifersucht, von der Paranoia, vom Wahnsinn zu erzählen im deutschen Film, dem Realismus und Verrücktheit erst neuerdings wieder gelingen, noch dazu in einem deutschen Spielfilmdebüt, das scheint also quasi unmöglich. Genau das gelingt Jonas Rothlaender, aber mit FADO.“
Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Julia Dettke 28.08.2016


37. Max-Ophüls Preis Saarbrücken 2016

45. International Film Festival Rotterdam 2016

12. Achtung Berlin Film Festival 2016

45. Sehsüchte Film Festival Potsdam 2016

9. Netia Off Camera Film Festival Krakow 2016

17. Jeonju International Film Festival 2016

26. Filmkunstfest Schwerin 2016

15. Transilvania International Film Festival Cluj

12. Festival des deutschen Films Ludwigshafen

38. Moscow International Film Festival

52. Chicago International Film Festival

CPH PIX Filmfestival

47. International Film Festival of India Goa


Best Director @ 37. Max-Ophüls Preis Saarbrücken 2016

Best Director @ 12. Achtung Berlin Film Festival 2016

Ex-Berliner Film Award @ 12. Achtung Berlin Film Festival 2016

Best Film @ 45. Sehsüchte Film Festival Potsdam 2016

First Steps NO FEAR Award @ First Steps 2016

Silver Hugo Award | New Directors Competition @ 52. Chicago International Film Festival

Best fiction debut 2016 | German Film Critics Association


Golo Euler
Luise Heyer
Albano Jerónimo
Pirjo Lonka
Isbael Abreu
Duarte Grilo
Suzana Borges
Rui Morrisson


Jonas Rothlaender

Sebastian Bleyl & Jonas Rothlaender

Alexander Haßkerl

executive producers
Luis Singer
Dennis Schanz
Ole Lohmann

Tara Biere

Joana Gusmao
Pedro Fernandes Duarte
Robert Morgenstern
Alexander Haßkerl

Dietmar Kraus

production managers
Diogo Varela Silva
Raquel da Silva

assistant director
Astrid Menzel

Johannes Kaschek

Julian Cropp

Alexandre Leser

Raquel Santos
Marta do Vale
Celeste Lopes Alves
Ricarda Schwarz

Dorothée Bach

Ria Weber

line producer
Andreas Louis

commissioning editors rbb
Verena Veihl
Cooky Ziesche

A Co-Production by StickUp Filmproduktion & dffb, rbb, Primeira Idade, Atara Film
Supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

© StickUp Filmproduktion, dffb, rbb, Primeira Idade & Atara Film 2016

Technincal Information

Germany, Portugal 2016, Fiction, 100 Minutes, Color, 2K
24F/Sec, 1:1,66, Dolby 5.1, German, English, Portuguese with engl. Subtitles