Jonas Rothlaender

He was born 1982 in Lübeck, Germany.

From 2007 - 2015 he was studying directing at the German Film- and Television Academy Berlin (dffb).

His feature film debut FADO was awarded the best director prize at its world premiere at the the Max Ophüls Festival. Following various other awards, FADO opened in cinemas nationwide in September 2016 and was subsequently awarded with the German Film Critics' Award for Best Feature Film Debut.

For his new documentary project THE STRONG SEX he was invited to several international residencies (including Villa Kamogawa in Kyoto). The film celebrated its world premiere at the 2021 Munich Film Festival and was released in cinemas across Germany in May 2022.

He also works as a script consultant, directs and writes for the radio (documentary & radio play) and is a lecturer at ACADEMY OF MOVING PEOPLES AND IMAGES in Helsinki.